HKSTLA Established in 1994, the Hong Kong Sea Transport Association (HKSTA) is a non-profit organization with its membership drawn from shipping, freight forwarding and logistics companies. In recognition of the growing importance of logistics in Hong Kong, the Association is moving with the times by reflecting the ever increasing sophistication of the industry, and changed its name to the Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association Limited in May 2003, the short form was changed to HKSTLA . There are more than 100 members in the Association, and each of them nominates one representative or more to the Association. The HKSTLA represents the collective interests of the shipping and logistics industry. Through it, shipping companies, forwarders, logistics companies and other agents have an authoritative voice and representation within the government and across industries in the private sector, both in Hong Kong and abroad. The Association is also responsible for setting industrial standards and providing educational courses that enhance the practices and service levels of the profession in Hong Kong.