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財政預算案支援中小企 貿發局助發掘海外市場

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Free Trade Agreement between Hong Kong, China and Georgia

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The Hong Kong, China - Georgia Free Trade Agreement ("the Agreement") was signed on 28 June 2018.  Detailed information on the Agreement is also available at the website  of the Trade and Industry Department.  

You may access the website of Trade and Industry Department. 

United Nations Sanctions Against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

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Announcement of the HKSTLA New Chairman, Executive Committee for 2017-2018 Term

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Collection Procedures of Hanjin Containers

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Collection Procedures of Hanjin Containers - official announcement issued by H.I.T. Hong Kong International terminals Ltd. on 15 Sept 2016.

HKSTLA NEWSLETTER - December2012-72

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HKSTLA Newsletter "December-72" published, the main contents are as follows:



- 20130115 Business Delegation to Qianhaiwan Free Trade Port (Page 1-2)

- REMINDER: 20130122 HKSTLA Monthly Networking Lunch (Page 2)

- REMINDER: 20130128 HKSTLA's Happy Hour Gathering (Page 2)

- REMINDER: HKSTLA Soccer Shipping League Cup 2012~2013 (Page 3)



- Shipping Logistics and Practice Course (Intake 23) (Page 3)

- 2nd REMINDER: Marketing/Sales/Customer Services/CRM in Sea Transport and Logistics Course (Intake 15) (Page 4)


In-house Training Service (Page 4-5)

- 0.5 day Dangerous Goods Regulations Awareness Training for Category 4 & 5 Personnel (Page 5)

- 5 days Initial Training in Dangerous Goods Regulations for Category 3 Personnel (Page 5)

- 3 days Recurrent Training in Dangerous Goods Regulations for Category 3 Personnel (Page 5)

- 1 day Regulated Agent Security (Page 5-6)

- 3 days International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code IMDG Compliance Course (Page 6)



- Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) (Page 6)

- 第656期《駐粵辦通訊(Page 6-7)

655期《駐粵辦通訊(Page 7-8)

- 71期《駐上海經貿辦通訊(Page 8-9)



- Cross Boundary Goods Vehicles – November 2012 (Page 10)

- 201210月港口集裝箱吞吐量統計 (Page 10)



- New Corporate Member : WM Logistics (Worldwide) Ltd (Page 11)

- New Corporate Member: Barloworld Logistics (Hong Kong) Ltd (Page 11)

- New Fellow Member (FSTLA): Mr. Fung Ho Chiu, Ricky (Page 11)



- Free Recruitment Page (Page 11)

Special Individual Membership Offers extended until 31 December 2012 from HKSTLA (Page 11)

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