The aim of our Newsletter is to keep you up to date with our current activities and what were happening in the previous months. For many of you this will be your first copy of Newsletter, if you have any comments or suggestions for our next issue, please feel free to send to us via e-mail We hope you continue to enjoy reading our Newsletter and we look forward to seeing you in the forthcoming activities.


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New Chat Group Notice

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HKSTLA New Chat Group Communication

Please be informed that the New Chat Groups in HKSTLA will be changed to the followings effective on 12 March 2021 (Friday).  This is the perfect place for members.  Members in these chat groups can publish the post in the group to share the related news and update information, if you want daily updates then click the Chat Group Invite Links now.

HKSTLA ~ Market News 

HKSTLA ~ LOG & Supply Chain


HKSTLA~ China/GBA/BR Group

HKSTLA ~ Leisure /REC/Sport

HKSTLA Office Removal Notice 協會遷址通知

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Dear Members and Friends,


HKSTLA Office Removal Notice 


Please be informed that the Office of Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association will be relocated to the following new address effective on 1 January 2021 (Friday).  Telephone numbers and email will remain unchanged but the Fax no. will be cancelled.

 New Address:     Room 1803, 18/F., Tower 1,

Ever Gain Plaza, 88 Container Port Road,

Kwai Chung, N.T.,

Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2687 2633


Fax: (852) 2377 3638 (Cancelled)


Thank you for your kind attention.


Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association


Please visit HKSTLA website for more current activities and information.



HKSTLA  遷 址 通 知


香港航運物流協會 202111 (星期五) 遷往以下新地址,電話及電郵不變,而傳真號碼將會取消:

香港新界葵涌貨櫃碼頭路 88號永德利廣場 1 18 1803

電話:(852) 2687 2633


傳真:(852) 2377 3638 (取消)


如欲知悉更多HKSTLA 活動及資訊,請瀏覽協會網站

  特此通告, 敬希垂注。


Announcement of the HKSTLA New Chairman, Executive Committee for 2021-2022 Term

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Dear Sirs / Madams,





Thank you for your unwavering support to the Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (HKSTLA), allowing us to fulfill our mission and Key Objectives amid the opportunities and challenges emanating from the rapidly changing transport and logistics industry.  With the year drawing to a close, Mr Alex Chan will complete his tenure as Chairman of Executive Committee (2019-2020) on 31 December 2020.  Vice-Chairman Dr Byron Lee will succeed Mr Chan as Chairman starting from 1 January 2021.


On behalf of the HKSTLA, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Mr Alex Chan, the outgoing Chairman.  During his tenure as Chairman, Mr Alex Chan has made great contributions to the HKSTLA, his stewardship of HKSTLA has been characterized by innovative ideas, strategic thinking and, most valuable, his tireless efforts to increase the credibility and visibility of HKSTLA.  Our thanks also go to Executive Committee members for their hard work over the past two years.  


We welcome the new Executive Committee Chairman Dr Byron Lee.  Under Dr Lee's leadership, HKSTLA will continue to do our utmost to assist the logistics industry in enhancing its efficiency and upgrading its competitiveness.


Attached please find the list of HKSTLA 20th Executive Committee Members (2021-2022) and Sub-Committee Chairman and Vice-Chairman List for reference.


Thank you very much for your kind attention and continuous support to HKSTLA.


With best regards,

Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association

Announcement of Nomination of Executive Committee Members for the year 2021-2022

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Nomination of Executive Committee Members for the year 2021/2022

We have received the following members (organization and individual) accepting the nomination to be elected, they are (in alphabetical order of company name):


1.       Mr. Felix Wong (Acquaintance Enterprises Ltd.)

2.       Mr. Danny Foo (Air Sea Transport (HK) Ltd.)

3.       Mr. Kevin Koon (Chevalier AOC Freight Express Holdings Ltd.)

4.       Dr. Byron Lee (China Global Lines Ltd.)

5.       Prof. Stephen Ho (Ferguson Int'l Freight Forwarders Ltd.)

6.       Mr. Lit Fung (Geek Plus International Co., Ltd.)

7.       Mr. Alex Chan (Integrated Supply Chain Management Ltd.)

8.       Mr. Simon Liu (J&S Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.)

9.     Mr. Chevy Shum (JCL Oriental Logistics Ltd.)

10.     Mr. Sean Chan (National Container Line (H.K.) Ltd.)

11.     Mr. Matthew Cheng (On Time Express Ltd.)

12.     Ms. Bonnie Ip (Pan World Shipping Co.)

13.     Mr. Kua Hock Eng (Regional Container Lines (HK) Ltd.)

14.     Mr. Harman Ng (Sinoservices Int'l Technology Co., Ltd.)

15.     Mr. Eric MS Wong (SKH Shipping Ltd.)

16.     Mr. Kingson Lee (Xertoli Hong Kong Ltd.)

17.     Mr. Louis Lee (Yusen Logistics Global Management Ltd.)


Since the number of candidates does not exceed 24, all candidates are accepted to be the Executive Committee Members for the year of 2021-2022.  There will be no election required.


Thank you for your attention.

Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association

Launch of New Licence Format for Food Import

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The new licence format for food import will rolling out on 30.3.2020 (Monday).  From that day onward, the new format will replace Import Licence Form 3 (TRA 187) for food items.  Attached a sample of the new licence format for your attention. 

The following key features of the new format:
  • The import licence will be issued electronically by our system without signature.
  • It will be printed on any paper, i.e. there will be no difference between an original and a copy.
  • Arrival details will be provided by the importers, either printed or hand written (if acceptable) accompanied by their signatures and company chops.
  • There is a QR code at the top of each licence and a verification code at the bottom.  When used together, you may retrieve the licence image from our record for verification, with its expiry date and status highlighted.  Instead of using the QR code, you may input the licence number on our Food Trader Portal then the verification code.

Please visit Food Trader Portal website for more details

 For enquiry, please contact Ms. Amy Au at 26872633 or Miss Joanna Cheung at 3108 2753 .  Thank you. 

財政預算案支援中小企 貿發局助發掘海外市場

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