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Announcement of Nomination of Executive Committee Members for the year 2021-2022

張貼者:2020年9月6日 晚上11:04Info HKSTLA   [ 已更新 2020年9月20日 晚上8:20 ]

Nomination of Executive Committee Members for the year 2021/2022

We have received the following members (organization and individual) accepting the nomination to be elected, they are (in alphabetical order of company name):


1.       Mr. Felix Wong (Acquaintance Enterprises Ltd.)

2.       Mr. Danny Foo (Air Sea Transport (HK) Ltd.)

3.       Mr. Kevin Koon (Chevalier AOC Freight Express Holdings Ltd.)

4.       Dr. Byron Lee (China Global Lines Ltd.)

5.       Prof. Stephen Ho (Ferguson Int'l Freight Forwarders Ltd.)

6.       Mr. Lit Fung (Geek Plus International Co., Ltd.)

7.       Mr. Alex Chan (Integrated Supply Chain Management Ltd.)

8.       Mr. Simon Liu (J&S Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.)

9.     Mr. Chevy Shum (JCL Oriental Logistics Ltd.)

10.     Mr. Sean Chan (National Container Line (H.K.) Ltd.)

11.     Mr. Matthew Cheng (On Time Express Ltd.)

12.     Ms. Bonnie Ip (Pan World Shipping Co.)

13.     Mr. Kua Hock Eng (Regional Container Lines (HK) Ltd.)

14.     Mr. Harman Ng (Sinoservices Int'l Technology Co., Ltd.)

15.     Mr. Eric MS Wong (SKH Shipping Ltd.)

16.     Mr. Kingson Lee (Xertoli Hong Kong Ltd.)

17.     Mr. Louis Lee (Yusen Logistics Global Management Ltd.)


Since the number of candidates does not exceed 24, all candidates are accepted to be the Executive Committee Members for the year of 2021-2022.  There will be no election required.


Thank you for your attention.

Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association